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How to backup & restore?
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1. Login error...
2. General communication error...
3. Incoming messages not be backed up?

With Google Android phone, you can synchronize your Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Picasa Web Albums with Google's Cloud Server.

But how about your SMS, MMS and Call log? You never want to lose these information after you wipe the phone, upgrade the rom...

Backup to Gmail can help you to automatically backup SMS, MMS and Call log to your Gmail.

The SMS, MMS and Call log will be synchronized to the labeled folders of Gmail. When you get an outgoing/incoming message and call, the backup action will be triggered automatically. Now you can also restore MMS and Call log from Gmail to your android phone. Supports android 1.5 and above.

Download Backup to Gmail from Google Android Market Download from Google Android market
Download Backup to Gmail from Amazon appstore Download from Amazon Appstore

How to Backup SMS/MMS and Call Records to Gmail on Android: Back to top

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Click the links above to download/install the app from Android Market or Amazon Appstore.

Android market

Amazon appstore

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After installation is finished, tap and open "Backup to Gmail".

Backup to Gmail

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From the "Backup to Gmail" to backup your SMS messages to Gmail, you will first need to enable IMAP in Gmail. To enable IMAP: Login into your Gmail Inbox from your web browser, click on "Settings"; on the upper right corner, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP and from the "IMAP Access" click on "Enable IMAP" radio button. Click on "Save Changes" and logout.

Coming back to "Backup to Gmail" app on your Android phone, go to "Preference" menu, click on "Gmail Account Setup", set the "Authentication" option to be "OAuth". Then click on "OAuth Collect", A browser window will open and ask for your Gmail username and password. Enter your username and password and login.

Connect Gmail

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Get back to the main view of "Backup to Gmail", select the items (SMS, MMS or Call log) that you want to backup, Click on "Backup now"; and it will start backup of your SMS/MMS/Call log to your Gmail Inbox.You can check your SMS messages in Gmail under "SMS" label.

Backup SMS Android

You can also schedule "Backup to Gmail" to automatically backup the new SMS, MMS or Call log as they come.

Auto Backup SMS or Call Logs

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You can also click "Preference" menu and check more options like "Mark as read", "Items to restore", "Gmail labels"

Backup to Gmail settings

How to Restore SMS from Gmail in Android:

To restore SMS from your Gmail account to Android phone, open "Backup to Gmail" and click on "Restore".

Restore SMS

Common questions Back to top

Login error Back to top

Please make sure you have enabled IMAP in your Gmail account settings and setup Gmail account properly..

General communication error Back to top

Please make sure you have enabled IMAP of Gmail, if still doesn't work, please try to collect Gmail with OAuth (Set "Preference -> Gmail Account Setup -> Authentication" to "OAuth", then Click "OAuth Connect" to process Gmail OAuth authentication in the pop-up browser window.).

Only sent out messages have been backed up on droid x/2 Back to top

This is the firmware bug of some droid x/2 bug. Please give me email for how to resolve the issue.


Christoph Studer ( Original author of SMS Backup

k9mail IMAP library, with some modifications (k9mail/sms-backup-plus)

Jan Berkel (@jberkel) Author of SMS Backup +